About Tarsus


Tara and Nancy are the best friend, one day in 2017,they were invited to an exhibition of handicrafts and found that some products are very beautiful and very popular, combining many common elements, but felt there are many different and beautiful cards, which are given to different people, so as to understand the original jewelry designed by oneself can also be gifted in this way. Before, the jewelry designed were just because we thought they looked good, and thought the jewelry would be better matched with everyday clothes. After going to this exhibition, they began to have inspiration. The things they designed with love and heart will bring them with them. Resonate with others, so that others can feel the advantages of this jewelry more.

In 2018, they began to sell jewelry on the Amazon platform. They want more and more people to see their jewelry. They firmly believe that handicraft products designed with love are borderless. Slowly, from two Personally designed and went to the factory for proofing, and gradually developed into the current company scale, with 2 fixed cooperative factories, 5 staffs for operate Amazon, 1 staff for after -sales customer service, 1 staff for photographer, 2 staffs for dealing with the pictures, 1 staff for cooperate the factories, 4 staffs for packaging and send stock to Amazon Warehouse.Tara and Nancy firmly believe that the products they design will definitely be liked by the foreign public, and they have been working hard to create the brand Tarsus.

Tarsus is a young jewelry brand,we are committed to providing you with the most cordial service. Our jewelry focuses on necklaces,bracelets,earrings.Covering daily accessories for girls couples,friends, mother daughter, grandma ,granddaughter,niece ,women and men. also have many styles for summer and birthday gift. Our jewelry is modern,simple and exquisite and we want to do our best to bring you a nice buying experience in our store.